Treasure Hunt Results

Congratulations to all the winners:

Hazel Prosser, Adam Rudland, Alex Sandquest joint first children

The Mayflowers 1st Adults 19/20
Andy & Maggie Schooler 2nd 18/20,
Peter & Sheila Davis plus Cath Offord and the Alexanders all joint 3rd

And thanks to the generosity of everyone taking part we have raised £250 for Shanty Festival funds! Thank you!

Adult Questions:

  1. What are the fruits of the labour of Carter & Company?  Apples (tile picture in doorway)
  2. Where do maritime traders and seafarers live next door to each other? Two cottages in Currents Lane (Chandlers & Mariners)
  3. Place of imprisonment for newlyweds? Bridewell House
  4. What sort of a mark might you make if you phone 01255 556006? Tattoo (phone number for tattoo parlour)
  5. Selling beer for 101 minutes? Foresters (Alehouse between 1800 – 1940)
  6. He commanded a dolphin? Matthew Flyn (packet boat Dolphin, House opposite St. Nicks)
  7. Edit got woodcraft in Kings Head Street? Driftwood Cottage
  8. A disciplinary boot? The Wellie Stern
  9. He met his end MDLV. William Bamford (burnt at stake in 1555)
  10. Where is the Chieftain 600? Drain Cover Angelgate
  11. A seat for cheerful talkers? Happy to Chat Bench
  12. #smells singular?   #AROMAONE (graffiti on garage doors)
  13. A scarlet box from Kirkintilloch? Telephone Box
  14. What is it UR missing at Harwich Town Station? Your Advert
  15. Furthest extent of the municipality as the sun sets? Outer Part of Town Westward
  16. A Holm baker’s dozen? 13 Holm Oaks
  17. An island only in 2D? Traffic Island at end of George Street (has 2 D’s written in concrete)
  18. A dwelling for 3? Trinity House
  19. In which direction is Turkey Island from Poor Cottage? Due East
  20. This building was officially an equally bisected orb in the 18th Century Now Thai Up at the Quay (formally(!) Half Moon Public House)

Childrens Answers

  1. Lambards (lobster on window)
  2. Swan Inn (Dutch Flag)
  3. West Street Bake House (doormat)
  4. Chinese Takeaway (top window)
  5. No. 2 Kings Head Street 
  6. No. 2b Kings Head Street 
  7. HHA Crest (Angelgate)
  8. St. Helen’s Green (garden gnome)
  9. Harwich Town Station Platform
  10. Trinity Village, Southwark (on Trinity House boards)
  11. Visitor Centre (on Mayflower model ship)
  12. Painted door in Eastgate Street/Castlegate Street)