Venues – Where does it all happen?

The festival takes place at multiple venues across Historic Harwich but most are simply a short walk apart.


If you have trouble with the Google Map, see below. Click or tap the image for a closer view.

Look out for these eye catching Busk Stop signs over the Festival weekend. Anyone may perform here at any time, so long as the space is free of other performers. There will be four spots around the town: Quayside by LV18, West Street by Trinity House Car Park, High Lighthouse and Low Lighthouse.

2 thoughts on “Venues – Where does it all happen?

  1. Hi, We are the Orwellermen, We are an Ipswich based Shanty Group.

    What is the procedure for the Busk Stops? Is it just turn up and sing?
    Is there etiquette on how long you should sing for?

    Many thanks


  2. webadmin

    Hi Richard, just turn up and sing as long as you like but move on if someone else wants a turn. Busk stops will be clearly marked on the street and on our map(s)

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