2015 Gallery

Alan Whitbread outside St Nicholas Church
Alan Whitbread
Billy Teare - St Jospehs Primary School Dovercourt
St Joseph’s Primary School with Billy Teare & kathleen O’Sullivan
Brasy from Poland 2
Brasy from Poland in the Redoubt
Crossjack in the Stingray
Crossjack in the Crown Post
Golden Rivets in Samuel Pepys
Golden Rivets
Inner State Theatre Company - Re-enactment of Trafalgar
Inner State Theatre
Jim Radford in St Nicholas
Jim Radford
Kaap Hoorn from Netherlands in The Alma
Kaap Hoorn
Kernow Bouys at the New Bell
Kernow Bouys
London Lubbers on Victor - Thames Sailing Barge
London Lubbers
Mains'l Haul at the Harwich Town Brewery
Mains’l Haul
Motley Crew in the Stingray
Motley Crew
Naze shanty Crew on Ha'Penny Pier
Naze Shanty Crew
Pete & Malc
Pete & Malc
Press Gang in the Alma
Press Gang
Rigerloftet (Norwegian)
Roaring Trowmen at the Harwich Town Brewery
Roaring Trowmen
Tyburn Road in The Angel
Tyburn Road

Junior Pirates 1 Junior Pirates 2 Junior Pirates 3 Junior Pirates 4 Junior Pirates 5 Pascal le Louer at the Alma Pirates at Mannintree Pirates & River Rogues outside Harwich Town Station Princess on Shanty Train waiting to be rescued Shanty Train 1 St Nicholas concert The Low Lighthouse had activities for children The Redoubt - cannon firing by Kings German Artillery The Redoubt Fort on Sunday morning

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