2021 Festival

After many discussions we decided to go ahead with our 2021 Festival and – wow!

With the renewal of interest in Shanties and Sea Songs, following the TikTok craze which overtook us all in Lockdown, we welcome some new visitors to these pages as well as those who attended our 2021 Festival which took place over the weekend of 8-10th October. In “normal” times the whole of the old seaport town of Harwich rings with the sound of lusty shanties, music emanating from pubs, boats, clubs and our many historic buildings. There were street theatre sketches, maritime crafts, pirates, barge trips, walks, talks and workshops on offer as the town filled with colour and visitors soaked up the atmosphere created over this special weekend.  Our 2022 Festival is planned for 7-9th October but we have many other events before then!