RIP Jim Radford

We are saddened to hear of the passing of Jim Radford. He has been a stalwart supporter of HISF and a valued contributor to many concerts, workshops, talks and singarounds over the course of the Festival. We shall all miss him, his songs, both traditional and self penned, his stories, his wit and his personality. Sleep well Jim, we are sorry not to see you again.


One thought on “RIP Jim Radford

  1. J Kent

    Jim Radford wasn’t just a singer/songwriter but an active supporter of the culture and the usefulness of live music and singing events, both as a means of preserving stories and traditions and also as a social function to bring people together in ways and in venues which were not entirely controlled by the commercial media. He said that he grew up in a seafaring community where singing was entirely normal; in the home, in the street, and in the pubs, and he lamented the loss of these traditions and of the stories that were passed down through generations by them. Jim had plenty of stories of his own from his years at sea as a young man in the forties and fifties, and his social and political activism since he settled back ashore, but he was always keen to hear and re-tell other people’s stories as well, especially if they were put into a good song.

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