This Years Festival

We’re planning ahead for the 2021 Festival. 

The advent of the Covid Pandemic has meant delay and cancellation to so many events around the whole world and here in Harwich we regretfully were forced to cancel our 2020 Festival. Coinciding with the 400th Anniversary of the Pilgrim Fathers voyage to the New World and partnering with so many of the towns from which those Pilgrims came, our Festival was due to celebrate this towns close connection with that famous voyage. In fact the town of Harwich had a year long programme of Mayflower related events which we were proud to be part of.

As we move into 2021 there is continuing uncertainty surrounding the delivery of any events, but we are determined to be able to stage a Shanty Festival this year. Our 2021 Festival will still concentrate on Harwich Towns connection to the Mayflower story, but our Festival will look a little different this year. Whilst we remain true to our core values including real shanties, real ale and real people, for 2021 at least, we cannot be certain that we will be allowed to mingle in close proximity to others, crowded inside a cosy pub or similar venue. And so we are pursuing two major, streamlined projects which will form the main part of the 2021 Festival and will widen our scope if time and regulations allow.

We are unable to give concise details at this stage, so urge you to sign up for our Monthly Newsletter and to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and here on our website. Further details will be released as the 2021 Festival develops.