Mayflower CD “The Harwich Ship”

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The Harwich Ship

In 2014 Harwich International Shanty Festival ran a very special project commissioning new songs to commemorate the town’s connections to the Mayflower and its Master, Christopher Jones, who was born and lived in Harwich. We had a fantastic response with some 17 new songs written and a unique concert showcasing the songs. This CD comprises the fruits of everyone’s labours. Unfortunately there are a few songs not able to be represented here, not because of lack of excellence but because the vagaries of a live performance means that occasionally the sound quality is not sufficient.

We apologise to those artists not featured, but hope everyone will agree that the songs which do feature show a wide variety of interesting takes on the subject matter. We very much hope that not only will some of these songs be taken up and sung in clubs and pubs around the land, but that they will awaken an interest in the history of the Mayflower and its voyage to the New World. Harwich can rightly be proud of its heritage and of the fact that such an important aspect of it is now recorded in song.

Thanks go to all artists who took part in this project, including: John Conolly, Old Wild Rovers, Malcolm Ward, Naze Shanty Crew, Alan Lake, Ian Roper & Mick Rogers, Swinging the Lead, Peter Hunt, Bob Watson, Mick Verrier, Alan Whitbread, Gerald Donaldson, Michael Fitzgerald & The Chantey Cabin.

  1. The New World Shanty – The Naze Shanty Crew 2:46
  2. Haul Away Drift Away – Swinging The Lead 2:56
  3. Flowers of May – John Conolly 4:41
  4. Bound For North America – Holland Park Primary School 2:18
  5. Mayflower Last Waltz – Malcolm Ward 4:04
  6. Sign Up With Capt. Jones – Alan Whitbread 3:50
  7. The Tale of Christopher Jones – The Naze Shanty Crew 3:10
  8. Pollyanna..Bob Watson 4:37
  9. The Little Harwich Ship – Ian Roper and Mick Rogers 3:29
  10. Josian Jones – Burning Glass 5:31
  11. We Sail Together – Pete Hunt 4:27