Shanty Quiz May 2020

The quiz has 3 prizes up for grabs:  A Season Ticket for the 2021 Festival, A Saturday night Concert Ticket for 2021 and a copy of “the Harwich Ship” commemorative CD, which was produced after our Mayflower Concert a few years ago.

The winners of our quiz prizes will be the first three correct entries received by email to If by chance we do not receive three CORRECT entries we will choose those with the most questions right. The deadline for answers is 31st May!

1 Tom Bowling is often sung at Last Night of the Proms. Who wrote it?
2 Where does the Golden Vanity sail?
3 If my boat is heading on a bearing of 292.5% what direction am I sailing in?
4 Which two Captains turned tail in a fright?
5 In which year did the Royal Navy stop the daily issue of a tot of Rum?
6 What tot did the Dutch give to their sailors?
7 What instrument features a buoy or keg, a gun, a shackle and a keel?
8 Who wrote “Old Ports Of Call?
9 What is a shellback?
10 What was John Short’s nickname?
11 What dance are New York girls good at?
12 What task would you be carrying out if you were singing “Paddy Doyle’s Boots”?
13 What job was Johnny doing in Mobile Bay?
14 What were the sailors scared of down below?
15 What colour was the dress Johnny’s girlfriend wore?
16 Which City did Gorging Jack and Guzzling Jimmy come from?
17 Where is High Barbary?
18 So who was General Taylor?
19 How many artists were listed at the 1st Harwich Shanty Festival in 2006?
20 There were two International artists at the 2007 Festival. Name one?

The closing date is Sunday 31st May. Please email your answers to