Any last minute programme changes to the 2018 festival will be posted here

All weekend

  • Golden Rivets are unable to appear this year, Ha’Penny Crew or Stuart Pendrill will appear in their place. See the centre pages of the programme for listings.

  • Grand Theatre of Lemmings are now unable to appear due to illness but please note there will be a Barber Surgeon performing amputations and other messy procedures in the Hospital Wing at the Redoubt Fort. Beware!!!

  • SV Excelsior is now not coming (Weatherbound in the Netherlands) and her place and booked entertainment will be taken over by Thames Sailing Barge Pudge for the weekend!


  • Dick Miles will be additionally be appearing today at the New Bell (1530) and Hanover (1730)


  • Stingray. 1500 now Shotley Crue

  • Stingray 1600 now London Shanty Collective

  • Swan House. Spoken Word. Session cancelled, due to illness of MC

  • Redoubt: Inner State Theatre are unable to attend this year

  • Victor will not be sailing today but concerts will take place on board as scheduled. This is due to adverse weather conditions.


  • Swan House. Spoken Word 1100 Session re-instated.

  • Redoubt & Quay: Inner State Theatre are unable to attend this year