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As I write this, on the morning we go back to GMT, I am sure you are all thrilled that we have an extra hour with which to enjoy 2020! It was very sad that we were not able to hold our Shanty Festival this year. It was not a decision we took lightly, but hopefully you will understand why we had to suspend our activities for this year. However we are determined to bring back the Festival in 2021 and to that end the committee is holding a series of Zoom Meetings to discuss the way forward. Of course we cannot know for sure what the situation will be a year from now and it is entirely possible that the 2021 Festival may yet have to be substantially different from usual. But with a year to plan, plus more knowledge about this virus gained every day, we are confident that there will be a 2021 Harwich International Shanty Festival.

We will keep everyone informed of progress via this newsletter and of course our Website, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, so keep up to date with developments via any or all of these channels.

Meanwhile we are pleased to report that there are but three “In Dry Dock” CDs left in stock, so if you would like a copy of this excellent compilation CD featuring Shanties and Sea Songs from many of your favourite Shanty singers please order now via our website

And the original Artwork for the cover of the CD is up for Auction on the website with a closing date of 15th December to ensure delivery by Christmas. More details from:

Finally for anyone able to visit Harwich for a Socially Distanced walk outside, don’t forget there is a brand new Maritime Trail to follow, telling the story of our town’s connection to the Mayflower ship and its voyage to the New World. We may have missed the opportunity to celebrate the 400th Anniversary of that historic voyage, but there are plans for delayed celebrations in 2021 together with all the other towns forming part of the Mayflower story.



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