(Late) July Newsletter

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HISF Website and emails

Apologies for the extremely late July newsletter. We have spent a large part of this month upgrading our website, which resulted in the site and emails being unavailable for a short time. But we are pleased to report that everything is up and running again now.


2020 CD 

Our main news this month is our new souvenir CD. As we are unable to run our usual Festival this year and a decision is still pending on a much reduced “Back to Roots” Festival, we have instead produced a special souvenir CD to commemorate this strange 2020. Featuring artists past and present, a mixture of those who should have performed at this year’s Festival and favourites from many past Festivals. 

We have called the CD “In Dry Dock”, which seems a fitting title for the situation we find ourselves in at the moment. The CD will shortly be available by post for £8.00 plus £2.00 p&p – email info@harwichshantyfestival.co.uk for details, or from the Visitor Centre on the Ha’Penny Pier in Harwich, or via our website where you will also find a Track List and more details. We are incredibly grateful to all the artists who have contributed to this special CD and look forward to seeing as many of them as possible once we all emerge from Dry Dock!


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