The Festival in brief

Motley crew Svend KnudHarwich International Shanty Festival takes place at a number of venues throughout Harwich, Essex. Shanties and Sea Songs reverberate throughout the old town in a musical celebration of its rich maritime heritage.


Shanty Crews and solo singers from all over the world perform at a variety of pubs, sailing clubs, boats, concert venues and others. Much of the entertainment is free and sited at some of the many historical attractions in the town. In addition to rousing shanties, there are alternative attractions of street theatre, pirates, historical re-enactment, workshops, maritime crafts, barge trips; indeed all things nautical as befits a town with a traditional seafaring past.


For full details of all events a programme will be downloadable from this website, a few weeks before the festival, or available for purchase at many venues throughout the town. Browse through the pages of this website to find out more about who is appearing and other events to see, as well as who has entertained us in the past.

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