Photo Competition

The Harwich International Shanty Festival are running a photographic competition to coincide with this year’s shanty festival , October 9th, 10th and 11th. The theme of the competition  is “Harwich Then and Now”. Thanks to the generosity of the Harwich Society we have a number of old photographs of views around Harwich. Your task, should you choose to accept it, is to take a 2015 view of the areas shown in the old photographs, from as near as possible to the spot where the original was taken .

Entry is free and your photos, digital only, should be sent via email(one per email) to [email protected].   You may enter as many times as you wish but due to file size each entry should be via a separate email. Closing date for receipt of entries has been extended to 21st October. We aim to produce an e-book as a result of the competition.

The winners will receive a copy of the e-book and a large  art poster showing their photo alongside the original print. The e-book will be available to purchase via download. It will also be possible to purchase a hard copy book of the photographs, details will be given via the website after the festival.

Thanks are also due to ARTPHOTOPRO for their assistance with this project.

2st Ebeneezer Chapel


3coxs pond


5 1912centre


7 market street

8 stone pier

9 marketshowing new bell

10church street

11 west street

12pier hotel

13 church st wheatsheaf

14kings quaystreet

15 Harwichpromenade

16halfpenny pier

17harwich lighthouse

18quay pavillion

19 gas house creek

20from halfpenny pier

21 salvation army citadel

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