Christmas Treasure Hunt

Hi everybody,

We have another challenge arranged for you between Christmas and New Year. It’s a good time to get together a team for a bit of post Christmas fresh air and some exercise for the little grey cells, followed by a drink or three in a nice warm Harwich pub, complete with mince pies of course! And all to raise a bit of money for the Shanty Festival as well.

The last two years have been cryptic clue “Treasure Hunts”. This year is a variation on that theme, but still suitable for all the family.

Details are on the attached fliers, but in case you are unable to see them, briefly, turn up at the Alma between 12.00 and 1.00p.m on Wednesday 30th December  to collect your clues, returning by 3.30 for the answers and prizes.

£3.00 per person or £8.00 per family.

Hope to see you there

Pamtreasure Hunt Flyer 2015

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