February Shanty Newsletter

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Happy Valentine’s Day everyone. And we hope you are all continuing stoically through these strange times.

Here in Harwich plans continue for our 2021 Festival. Dates 8-10th October. Our website has been completely updated so do take a look and grants are being applied for to enable us to fund a top-class Festival this year, even if restrictions are still in place. It is impossible to guess what the global Pandemic will look like in October and despite our optimism that things might be back to “normal” we nevertheless have to plan for a very different Festival this year.

It takes a full twelve months nowadays to organise our Festival and we therefore cannot produce the Festival “Out of a Hat” if restrictions ease and the world appears back to normal with only a few months to go. And so a somewhat different look is planned for 2021 that takes possible Social Distancing into account. We hope that we can widen our scope somewhat if the situation does improve and in the hopefully unlikely case of another total Lockdown, we have plans to move online. A limited number of Artists have been approached and confirmed they are keen to attend if possible, but this is as far as we can go at this stage and so we are unable to publicise anything yet.


We can tell you however that the Mayflower Theme is still expected to be prominent at this years Festival as we celebrate that historic voyage and our towns part in the story. (Well it did return to the U.K. in 1621!)

And finally, a quick plug for our CDs. We have sold a huge number of the popular “In Dry Dock” special edition CD, but there are just a few copies left. Likewise we still have a few compilation CDs from 2019 and a very few “Mayflower” CDs featuring original songs about the Mayflower and taken from a project we staged back in 2014. In Dry Dock is priced at £10 including p&p. The other two CDs are £7 each including p&p. Full details on our website: https://harwichshantyfestival.co.uk/three-cds-in-stock/

Keep checking the website and all our Social Media channels for updates and we shall deliver an updated report on progress in our newsletter next month.

Meanwhile keep safe and more importantly, sane!


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