Two weeks to go ....

Hi {name}

Well only just over two weeks to go, as the stress inducing countdown on the front page of our website informs us!

So this will be the last newsletter until after the Festival and we hope very much to see all of you there.

Tickets and programmes are selling well, but if you have not bought yours yet please go to to purchase the tickets or download a programme. Printed programmes are also available from many venues throughout Harwich and Dovercourt, including Ha’Penny Pier Visitor Centre, Dovercourt Library and most Festival venues.

We are pleased to report that we have use of Trinity House Car Park again this year and also our Caravan and Camper Van site. Camping site is available 4 nights from Thursday 10th October and the Car Park will be available all day Saturday and all day Sunday. Our ShantyBus will be running again throughout the weekend., useful for anyone who has had to stay further than walking distance from Harwich Town Centre. See the Programme for full details.

We have the usual full programme of events for you including Workshops, Concerts, Shanty Cruises, Shanty Trains, Street Theatre, Maritime Crafts, Historical Re-enactment, Pub Sessions, Real Ale and more and of course much of it is free. But you will need a programme to see all the (over 200) events on offer.

Keep up to date with events as they happen via our Facebook and Twitter posts. Updated daily at this time of year they give accurate information on all developments and should there be any last minute Programme changes these will be posted on the website.

Summer Shanties on the Pier this year raised over £100 and provided some excellent entertainment on Summer weekends. Thanks to all who took part. 

We are featuring more often in glossy publications! Check out the October issue of Essex Life for a four page article about the Festival.

We have a small database of accommodation available for those still seeking it. Email for a copy of this list

And looking forward to life after the Shanty Festival?? Well we have another winter Shanty Workshop planned for Saturday 15th February 2020, following the very successful debut with Kimber’s Men earlier this year. Full details to be announced very soon, but put the date in your diaries now. 

And we have another first coming up over the weekend of 17/18/19th April as we host the first Melodeons On Sea Weekend with workshops run by Simon Care and Katie Howson. Full details again after the Festival, but reserve the date!



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