January is always a quiet time of year, so not much to report in this edition of the newsletter.

The Christmas Treasure Hunt has become a popular activity firmly established in the Harwich calendar of events and was extremely well attended this year. Due to poor weather, the Hunt was run over two days so that people who were not keen to venture out on the first, freezing, day had another chance. Despite this many people did brave the elements and we had a good turnout on both days. The clues were slightly tougher this year as too many people were previously tying for first place and with the stakes raised the results were more evenly spread.

We are very pleased to announce that the overall winners of the adult Treasure Hunt were Nick & Victoria May’s team and the overall winners of the Children’s Treasure Hunt were Lily & Evie May’s team, so well done to the talented May family! 

Due to a large proportion of the committee being laid low with winter flu no further fundraising activities have taken place or are currently planned, but expect more movement on that front by the next newsletter.

The Guest List for the 2018 Festival is nearly complete and details of Artists will be uploaded very soon. Once again we have a varied and talented list of performers, mixing both firmly established favourites and exciting acts new to Harwich. Keep an eye on the website and Facebook page for more news. 


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