July Newsletter

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Programme and Camp Site

To be honest we had hoped to bring you news of the Programme going to print and the Camper van site being open for bookings, but there has been a lot of juggling on the Programming front which has delayed things a bit. We are hopeful of sending it to the Printers at the end of next week and will of course keep everyone updated.

As regards the caravan/camper van site, we are unfortunately still awaiting final confirmation from the local council that we may go ahead. Again Social Media and our website will carry news as soon as it happens.


July has been a busy month for fundraising with both a Quiz and a Cake Sale. The Alma Quiz raised £115 and the Cake’n’Shanty £750. An excellent result all round and thanks to everyone who helped in any way to achieve these excellent results.


One piece of good news we do have is that the 2023 T-Shirts have arrived. They are proving very popular and already selling well. Available from the Visitor Centre on the Ha’Penny Pier or by post via our website store: https://store.harwichshantyfestival.co.uk/product/2023-tshirt/ Don’t forget we also have Shanty Mugs, Song Books, Zip Up Hoodies and Breton Tops available- take a look at our full range. We also held a badge making workshop earlier this month with the committee producing an assortment of these Festival momentos. 


Our 2023 Posters will be making their appearance around the town and further afield during August. Keep an eye out for the eye catching artwork! And if you are able to help with distribution or perhaps display one in your window, please do get in touch.


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