March 2022 Newsletter

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Artists for 2022

We are well into the booking of artists for 2022, but are happy to invite requests to perform up until at least the end of April. If you are interested in performing this year please do email us on We always endeavour to keep the festival fresh by having a good proportion of different artists each year, so please don’t be offended if we cannot accept your repeat application this year. It doesn’t mean we will never book you again. 



As our festival grows bigger so the workload increases. Our small but dedicated committee faces an almost year round task to achieve one superb weekend of entertainment each October. And so we are asking for some volunteers to spread the load a little. We are not seeking full time committee members, just a bank of people who would be willing to be called upon to help with specific tasks. These range from helping out at fundraising events and distributing fliers, posters and collecting tins, to various home based activities such as writing letters and emails and compiling databases. So there is no need for helpers to live locally, many tasks can be done on your home computer. If you would be willing to help out in any way, however small, please do let us know and we will add your name to our database. Email us at giving your name and stating in what sort of capacity you think you might be able to help. We hope to hear from you!


Photo Competition for Shanty Calendar

We have a massive apology to everyone who has so far submitted entries for the photo competition. Due to a computer error all entries bar about 5 have been lost. We have tried in vain to resurrect them but it seems that our only course of action now is to scrap the competition or ask people to resubmit their entries. This is very disappointing and we apologise profusely. We hope that at least some of you will be happy to resubmit. The closing date is still the end of this month to allow the committee time to prepare a calendar before other more pressing jobs take precedence. If we do receive enough entries we hope to be able to proceed and a reminder that anyone who submits a winning entry receives a complimentary copy of the calendar and an invitation to our prestigious “Friends” event on the Friday of the Festival



Pam and Jon Fitzgerald attended the awards ceremony for the Pride of Tendring on 11th February and accepted the trophy and certificate on behalf of the committee and all those who work so hard to ensure the Festivals success. Thanks go to all of them.



And finally a reminder that there is still some merchandise left from the 2021 Festival. Please visit to see what is available.




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